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nuclear edition

Searching in a dictionary for a definition of nuclear winter, I read,
A worldwide darkening and cooling of the atmosphere with consequent devastation of surviving life forms, believed by some scientists to be a probable outcome of large-scale nuclear war.

That's exactly the feeling you get from the very beginning.
The contaminated wind blows in your face and an eerie, gloomy essence of death is spread out in the atmosphere, with the bell's tolling. 15 minutes of freezing cold darkness, filled with heavy, mid-paced tempos, haunting riffs and gruff vocals.
Combining the death metal touch of Bolt Thrower with the stench crust core of Amebix, Hellbastard, Axegrinder.

Another "exhumed" jewel of Greek metallic crust history sees the light of the day after 16 years with an improved look.
Originally released in 1997 as a mcd limited to 566 copies and long sold out. 16 years later, for the first time to be released on vinyl, on an even more limited edition, of 300 copies.
One sided 12", featuring new artwork and full layout design, laser etched B side, embossed cover and an insert/poster with lyrics (in Greek) and album artwork.

Co-released with Necroterror Records on January 2014.

Standard Edition:
- laser etched B side
- embossed cover
- insert/poster
- postcard

"Nuclear" Edition:
Standard edition, plus
- hand numbered, hand printed, linocut extra cover
- hand numbered obi-strip
- laser etched numbered copy
- 2 stickers


LOCK 001: BATHTUB SHITTER "Angels Save Us" 7"

"Yet another glorious Ep by these japanese grinders... Filthy thrashing grind is what you get! With some crust parts thrown in as well as some more derivative, whacked out parts... Bad-ass guitar riffs, pounding bass noise, out-of-hand crushing drumming... The vocals are harsh grunting, growling and also some weird shrill shrieking! This is raw-as-hell, pulsating filth grind at its finest - Perhaps close to Gore Beyond Necropsy, only less noisecore-oriented & much more straightforward. The band uses some fascinating imagery & artwork, the lyrics are interesting too, I'm not certain what  they're about exactly, it seems revolve around shit, very intriguing anyway!" Braindead Webzine

Co-released with Necro Obscure Terror label, in 2002.

1st press: 600 copies (200 clear green, 400 black vinyl), green sleeves
2nd press: 1000 hand-numbered copies (500 shit-splattered, 500 on black vinyl), black sleeves

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